About us

The Jewellery Designer Council of India is a not-for-profit organization that operates to foster an optimum business environment for jewellery designers in India by providing them a safe space for creativity combined with professional mentorship, thereby diligently working towards their sustainable growth and advancement. It aims to encourage and empower its over 150 members, who epitomize the best in Indian jewellery & accessories. These members dabble in an all-inclusive range of jewellery some of which are diamond jewellery, jadau jewellery, gold jewellery, CZ jewellery and other accessories.

The JDC calendar is replete with events that honour and showcase some of the best jewellery design talent including the annual forum and jewellery fashion week. Moreover, these are scheduled to be held in the weeks of Spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively. All four events will be held all over India; however, plans for going global are definitely in the pipeline. Furthermore, the Council is actively collaborating, taking initiatives, organising events and crafting unique opportunities for The Jewellery Designer Council of India members in national and international markets that will be a harbinger of new talent, creating new innovation in jewellery and an acute awareness of jewellery design development across the globe.

Our mission

To be committed to fostering the sustainable business growth & advancements of Indian jewellery design and designers.

To deliver and give accessibility for budding designers and other stakeholders to have a field of vision with respect to the 25 brands inclusive in our council.

To help build strong business networks that enables further expansion of India’s designer jewellery brand.

To provide professional mentorship with regards to excellence in jewellery design and business acumen.

To promote, manage and augment the organization of our Indian jewellery designer Fashion Week and its various by-products, thereby maintaining our official calendar schedule of authorized shows and displays.

To validate and inspire Indian jewellery designers to expand their brands individually with respect to the sustainable standards in mind, both nationally & internationally.

To disseminate and broadcast information with regards to the designers, the Council and the members of the JDC.org, via the Council’s social media platforms to educate people about current topics, pieces, trends and events being held.

Shrusshti Sharma

President & Founder, JDC

The President

Shrusshti Sharma is the president and founder of Jewellery Designer Council has spearheaded this first ever initiative (JDC) for Jewellery designers in India. She has always had a flair for creativity and driven other successful initiatives like the Shrusshti Design Studio (SDS), a successful jewellery brand under her name. Popular in the global jewellery designers’ community, she has hugely contributed to the expansion of the Jewellery designing industry through her latest venture Designers of India (DOI) that does its due diligence to create opportunities for gifted Designers to showcase their style, creativity and verve. Her love for jewellery design coupled with a philanthropical desire to give back to this industry makes her work tirelessly to create a niche Designers market that aids business growth with high sustainability and recognition.

Awarded twice in 2021 for WOMAN ENTREPRINUER of the year nationally. Featured in all the magazines AOJ, SVAR ,RETAIL JEWELLERS ,CANDYMAG ,JEWEL BUZZ, MARKET TO MINES . One of the jury ON INTERNATIONAL platform at HRD AWARDS 2020